Skillets Hilton Head 20 years


A team that works like clockwork

 Celebrating their 20th anniversary, Skillets’ owner Amie Baima knows that in addition to her customers, the real secret to her restaurant’s longevity and enduring fans is her staff. Whether in the kitchen cooking, creating, prepping, or washing dishes, behind the bar pouring drinks, taking orders, balancing trays, and serving guests, or manning the hostess stand keeping everybody happy and getting folks seated as soon as possible, Baima knows this team needs to operate like a well-oiled machine to succeed, and it usually does.

With ample tables, their prime Coligny Plaza location, and one of the best porches around to lean back and enjoy a leisurely breakfast any time of the day, lunch, or dinner, on any given day, the staff needs to hustle to keep it all running smoothly. The kitchen staff and wait staff really show w hat they’ve got, cooking, serving dishes from the three menus and keeping up with the creative changes made by Baima. Ever on the lookout for new culinary inspiration, Baima surprises her guests with delicious specials, inspired themes, and great menu additions.


With the potential for some chilly island days upon us, the timing is perfect to visit Skillets and check out the soup of the day. Every summer Baima’s mom and dad join the staff, with her mom helping at the hostess stand, and her dad helping with recipe development, particularly soup recipes.

Like its own little family, Skillets is a whole lot like coming home.

Skillets Cafe & Grill is located in Coligny Plaza at 1 North Forest Beach Drive, #225. Open daily 7 a.m.-10 p.m. (in season). For more information, please call (843) 785-3131 or visit