As seen in HHI Restaurants Magazine, 2004 issue

Just over a year ago, Skillets, one of the Island’s most popular restaurants for breakfast and lunch, had to close because the building in which it was located was largely burned down. Since then, the Baima family, owners of Skillets, has been working hard to open a new and even better Skillets restaurant.

The new Skillets occupies an entire, completely new building on the same site as its predecessor. However, it is much larger and more attractive than the nine-year Island favorite. The interior, for example, is centered around an atrium with 30-foot-high ceil-
ings and lots of light. The decor is warm and somewhat eclectic. There is extensive seating both indoors and outdoors.

As the old saying goes, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!” Therefore, the popular breakfast and lunch menus are largely unchanged from what made Skillets so popular in the past. Their signature “served in a porcelain skillet” breakfast items, of course, are back. The only major change before dinner is the addition of an extensive salad bar at lunch.

For dinner, the folks in Skillets’ kitchen put away the porcelain skillets, and change their orientation to more complex preparations of food. The atmosphere in the dining room also will be a bit less casual. In summary, for dinner Skillets offers “upscale food at reasonable prices.”

Executive Chef Curtis Pascoe, who has been associated with several of the Island’s fine dining establishments, orchestrates matters in the kitchen. Chef Pascoe tells us that he likes to prepare “American cuisine with a Southern influence” that is very attractively presented and heavily garnished.

Breads, pastries and desserts are prepared in-house. Since the Baima family formerly owned and operated the Coligny Bakery, the breads and sweets will reflect their considerable skills!

Amie Baima, who many will remember from the Coligny Bakery, Just Pasta restaurant and the old Skillets, will be overseeing the dining areas. John and Darlene Baima also frequently will be found in the dining areas helping patrons enjoy the time they spend at Skillets. It is worth noting that the family gave up its ownership interest in both Just Pasta and the Coligny Bakery so that they can devote 100% of their attention to their greatly expanded Skillets.